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11.07. Conference Proceedings published at KOPS

26.11. Presentations (pdf) online

21.11. Pictures from the workshop online

31.10. Short CVs of speakers (pdf) online (updated, 07.11.).

23.10. List of participants (pdf) online (updated, 14.11).

22.10. The registration for KWIL 2007 is closed. All registered participants should receive a confirmation these days.


The Library of the University of Konstanz is pleased to announce the 1st Konstanz Workshop on Information Literacy (KWIL): Advanced Users: Information Literacy and Customized Services.

The Workshop will take place on the 8th and 9th of November 2007 at the University of Konstanz (Lake Constance, Germany).

Please contact kwil(at)uni-konstanz.de in case of any questions regarding the workshop.

We will update this page as frequently as possible to give you current information about the workshop. Please check back for further information.

Call for Papers

The former Call for Papers is available as pdf.

City of Konstanz

The city of Konstanz is situated at Lake Constance. You can get information about the town and its history at its website (some of it in English). You can also take a look at the wikipedia entry on Konstanz. To find your way around you can take a look at our annotated map at google maps.


Konstanz is easily reached from Zuerich Airport (Switzerland, 90 minutes by train) and Stuttgart (2 hours by train). In some rare cases you can fly to Friedrichshafen, which is quite close to Konstanz. Most international flights go to Frankfurt which is a 4 hour ride by train to Konstanz. If you have any questions on how to get to Konstanz we are happy to give you information on trains and how to book them. Keep in mind that some international travellers need a Visa for Switzerland - just in case you want to fly to Zuerich.

Train and bus

There is an English page of the Deutsche Bahn for trains to Konstanz. The booking system of the DB is not always easy to handle, so feel free to contact us if you need any help. Travellers from Friedrichshafen might want to exclude ferry transport. If you get the message " Your input yielded several possible stops. Please select the desired stop." just hit "Search connection" again. You'll be pointed to the right place automatically.

You can reach the university by bus very easily within 15 minutes. Take bus number 9A or 9B from the main station to the university (departure at main station 7:38, 7:56, 8:18, 8:33).

Orientation within the university

From the university bus station follow the signs "KWIL 2007" to find the workshop room (V1001). The workshop registration desk is right next door. Speakers' travel expenses will be refunded there on thursday (8:00-9:00) and during the lunch break (12:00-13:15) or during the coffee break on friday (10:40-11:00).


There are a plenty of accomodations available in Konstanz. It is advisable to book well ahead because Konstanz is very popular for tourists (even in foggy November). There is an internet portal for many hotels and for booking rooms in the town but the main page is in German only. After klicking on "Hotels, Gasthöfe und Pensionen" you'll get the opportunity to chose an English alternative. All places are marked on the map on the page. It is most advisable that you only book places in the quarters "Altstadt" (old town), "Paradies", "Petershausen" and "Wollmatingen". All other parts of Konstanz are far off.

There are some places with reasonable prices we can recommend:

University of Konstanz

On the official web-page is some information about the University of Konstanz in English. If you are interested in the library of the university you can take a look at it's web-page. Some of the information is available in English (chose "English" from the Menu in the upper right corner of the start page).

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