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Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings for KWIL 2007 and the individual contributions are published at KOPS (Konstanz Online Publication System) and are available for download.

Conference Proceedings

Individual Contributions

    Everybody can be an 'Advanced' Learner with Information Literacy

    Collaborative Design of Ontologies: Theory, Opportunities and Convenient Applications

    Gaining a PILOT's Licence: Supporting Researchers at Imperial College London through the Postdoctoral Information Literacy Online Tutorial

    From Theory to Practice: Insights into Faculty Learning from the Mellon Library/Faculty Fellowship for Undergraduate Research

    Between Dewey and Dewey - Information Literacy between a Librarians' and a More Holistic View

    Two Roads, a Single Destination: Supporting the Information Literacy Skills Needs of Advanced Users at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

    Information Literacy for Graduate and Postgraduate Students: Experiences from the University of Konstanz

    EconDesk - Getting the Content of Need at the Point of Need

    The South Dakota Information Literacy Exam: A Tool for Small and Medium-sized Universities to Document and Assess Information Literacy of Undergraduate and Graduate Students

    Workplace Information Literacy in the Scientific Field - an Empirical Analysis Using the Semantic Differential Approach

    Information Literacy at the Point of Need: Literature Review Workshops

    Reaching Graduate Students: A Community of Practice for Teaching ICT Literacy

    Information Literacy Education for Masters Students: the Search/Teach Exercise

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