Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz

Digital Library

In the digital library of the University of Konstanz there are countless opportunities for conducting electronic searches for academic information, including a large collection of electronic full texts available for browsing. We offer an online tutorial to assist you in conducting your research efficiently.

Subject Databases (DBIS)

Searches for journal articles are conducted in individual bibliographic databases that are listed in our database information system (DBIS). Choose a subject or search a database of your choice by using a search term.

Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

Academic electronic full texts are available through the Electronic Journals Library (EZB). EZB offers an on-line catalog of those eJournals that can be accessed through the campus network of the University.

E-Learning (ILIAS)

Here you can find electronic learning materials as well as learning material and entire learning modules. Please log on with firstname.lastname of your university e-mail address and e-mail password (on the main ILIAS page the log in is in the top right hand corner, click "Anmelden").

Open Access

The University of Konstanz promotes Open Access - unrestricted and free access to academic information on the internet. Here you will find more information about the services offered by the Library in the area of Open Access.

Konstanz Online Publication (KOPS)

KOPS, the Konstanz Online Publication System, is our database of electronic full texts that are produced by scholars and students of our university.


Here you can search for books and journals (not journal articles) within the catalogues of the academic libraries.

Subject Specific Information

Subject specific information pages on using the library and on literature searches within a subject specific field is available. This information is assembled by subject advisors.

Table of In-Print Books

Here you can access an extensive table of online bookstores that can deliver books to you, should you ever wish to purchase a book insted of borrow it from the library.