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The University of Konstanz Library has never utilized a conventional card catalogue. Since its opening in the 1960s the library has employed the use of an electronic catalogue, serving as a model library of its day. Today we continue to strive to improve our services by offering access to better electronic catalogues. The work goes on.

Southwest German Networked Library Catalogues (SWB)
The SWB is the electronic union catalogue of the southwest German libraries.

Virtual Catalogue of Karlsruhe (KVK)
KVK is a meta-catalogue that offers simultaneous parallel searches in many different networked catalogues, including all major German university libraries, national libraries throughout the world, and more.

Journal Database (ZDB)
ZDB offers a comprehensive database of print and on-online journals for all German libraries. To search for individual articles that were published in journals you will need to use a bibliographic database.

WorldCat is a networked catalogue of U.S. libraries. WorldCat is the largest catalogue database available worldwide. This collection of data, which has not been integrated into the KVK, can be accessed separately.

Letzte Aktualisierung: 01.12.2014