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When phoning from outside of the University: +49 (0) 7531/88- then the extension.


Hätscher, Petra

Room B 912

Phone: ext. 2800

E-mail: Petra.Haetscher(at)


Vice Director:

Kohl-Frey, Oliver

Room B 914

Phone: ext. 2802

E-mail: Oliver.Kohl(at)


Secretaries to the Directors:

Room B 913

Phone: ext. 2800

E-mail: Sekretariat.UB(at)


Ludäscher, Anita, E-mail: Anita.Ludaescher(at)
Steinke, Nora, E-Mail: Nora.Steinke(at)

Retsch, Irene, Room B 911a, Phone ext. 2838, E-mail: Irene.Retsch(at)


General E-mail: information.ub(at)

Fax: (07531) 88-3082



Letzte Aktualisierung: 14.01.2015

University of Konstanz Library Staff Organization Chart


Library Departments