Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz

Cataloguing and Acquisitions

When phoning from outside of the University: +49 (0) 7531/88- then the extension.

Department Head

Otto, Annemarie

Room B 916

Phone: 2848


Section Head for Acquisitions and the Social Sciences Team

Knop, Wiebke

Room B 709

Phone: 2833

E-mail: Wiebke.Knop(at)

Section Head for the Humanities Team and Acquisitions

Liebl, Claudia

Room B 701

Phone: 2819

E-Mail: Claudia.Liebl(at)

Section Head for the Digital Library, Local Data, and the Natural Sciences / Media / and E-Publications Team

Rautenberg, Anke

Room B 806

Phone: 4708

E-mail: Anke.Rautenberg(at)

Section Head for Journals and Binding

Fischer, Birgit

Room B 805

Phone: 2827

E-mail: Birgit.Fischer(at)



Humanities Team
Room B 701

Social Sciences Team
Room, B 709

Natural Sciences and Media Team
Room B 806

Journals Team

Book design
Room B 803, phone: 2852, E-mail: ub.ausst(at)

Room A 532/533, phone: 2830

Room B 915, phone. 2805