Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz

User Services

When calling from outside of the university: Country code +49 (0) 7531/88- then the extension.

Director of User Services

Oliver Kohl-Frey

Office B 914

Phone: 2802

E-mail: Oliver.Kohl(at)


Information Desk

Information Centre

Phone: 2871

E-mail: information.ub(at)


Circulation Centre (Counters 4-6)

Main Entrance

Phone: 2884

E-mail: UB.Ausleihzentrale(at)


Local Lending, Book Area and Circulation Management

Section Head: Zenker, Paul

Room B 406a

Phone: 3083

Box number 8019

E-mail: paul.zenker(at)

Coordination: Ostermeier, Klaus,

Room B 406

Phone: 2863

Box number 8023

E-mail: Klaus.Ostermeier(at)


Main Library Check-Out:

Phone: 2867


Natural Sciences Library Check-Out:

Phone: 2851


Information Desk / Borrowing Services

Section Head (including the Circulation Centre): Meyer, Christine,

Room B 400

Phone: 2862

Fax 4412

E-mail: Ausleihservice.ub(at)


Document Delivery Services

Office B 406

Phone: 2824

E-mail: Dokumentlieferung.UB(at)

Section Head: L├╝lsdorf, Lothar

Room B 406

Phone: 2824 or 2834

E-mail: Lothar.Luelsdorf(at)


Media Centre

Information Centre

Phone: 2831

E-mail: Mediothek.UB(at)

Section Head: Leibing, Isabell

Phone: 2831 or 2871

E-mail: Isabell.leibing(at)


Semester Reserve

Rosenkranz, Ina

Room H 300a

Phone: 3235

E-mail: semesterapparate.ub(at)


Information Systems and Network Administration/ Coordination, Euregio-Bodensee-Database