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Mission Statement - The Library of the University of Konstanz

Our Commitment

To serve the users of our library is the purpose of our work. We are commited to providing services in an excellent, personal and friendly way which reflects that the library users are the focus of our work. We support the users of our library—academic staff, students, as well as residents and guests—in all teaching, learning, and research objectives. As a large academic library we are part of the cultural life of the Euregio Bodensee.

Our Service

We preserve, acquire and maintain comprehensive collections which are rapidly catalogued and indexed. We provide open access to our collections and user friendly organizational system. Additionally, we provide every scholarly and scientific publication that is not already part of our collections through interlibrary loan, as fast as possible and at reasonable prices. Our objective is to always be among the most innovative libraries in Germany. We conduct continuous evaluation to ensure and maintain the highest possible standard of our services.

Our Staff

To reach our goals we implement modern and flexible forms of organization:

  • staff members decide and work independently according to the guidelines of the library
  • staff teams develop cooperative relationships within a flat hierachy (teambased management)
  • collaboration across boundaries of organizational and hierarchical structures
  • exchange and distribution of information on and between all levels of organization
  • promotion of vocational advancement of staff members in accordance with the guidelines of the library
  • promotion of staff development programs as a central tool for quality improvement
  • quick reaction to proposals for performance improvement

We use our financial and human resources effectively and consciously. We promote our services by means of public relations.

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