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University rankings are a means to establish if and in how far the general goals and mission of the Library are actually being reached.

The different university rankings look at the media and online resources from the perspective of the students and the professors. Usually, the relevant information can be found under the term "Bibliothek" (Library). Please note when comparing the results that in Konstanz only one library (the central library) is evaluated while at other universities sometimes the faculty library, a subject-specific library, or the university's central library will be evaluated, without that always being made clear in the results.


Library of the Year (2010)

The "Die Zeit" foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius awarded the Library the prize "Library of the Year 2010".  This stand-alone nationwide Library prize is only given out once a year.  For more information (Germany only) please click here.

Library Index BIX (2004-2011)

In a nation-wide comparison of academic libraries initiated by the Bertelsman Foundation and the German Library Association, the University of Konstanz achieved 2nd place between 2004-2007 and

1st place in 2008-2011 in the category of decentralized libraries. Results under: (German only)

Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) University Rankings 2001-2009

Up until 2004 these rankings were made in conjunction with Stern magazine. Since 2005 they have been made in conjunction with the newspaper Zeit. The evaluations were based on surveys answered by current students.

More information can be found under





Previous Rank

Biology (2009)1.83*
2006: 1.8 (2nd place), 2003: 1.8 (1.)
Chemistry (2009)1.84*
2006: 1.6 (2nd place), 2003: 1.6 (1.)
Physics (2009)1.74*
2006: 1.6 (2nd place), 2003: 1.5 (1.)
Psychology (2010)1.61*2007: 1.7 (1st place), 2004: 1.6 (1.), 2001: 1.8 (1.)
Political Science (2008)1.312005: 1.4 (1st place), 2002: 1.6 (1.)
Law (2008)1.62**2005: 1.8 (1st place), 2002: 1.6 (1.)
Sociology (2008)1.61*2005: 1.8 (1st place), 2002: 1.5 (1.)
Economics (2008)1.41*2005: 1.4 (1st place), 2002: 1.5 (1.)
German Studies (2010)1.612007: 1.5 (1st place), 2001: 1.6 (1st place), 2004: 1.6 (1.)
British/Am. Studies (2010)1.812007: 1.6 (1st place), 2001: 1.6 (1st place), 2004: 1.6 (1.)
Romance Lang and Lit. (2010)
2007: 1.9 (1st place)
History (2010)1.412007: 1.6 (1st place), 2004: 1.5 (1.), 2001: 1.7 (1.)

 * = Tied with another ore more libraries

International Student Barometer 2009

In this international comparison (survey of foreign students) the Library was ranked 1st in Germany (n=28) and 4th worldwide (n=123).

For further information see:

"Elite-Ranking" in Zeit in January 2004

In their January 15, 2004 paper Zeit evaluated ten potential Uni-Candidates as part of the discussion of the creation of elite-universities and Konstanz was one of the ten under discussion. A special strong point mentioned for this university was it's "good library," which was also the only mention of a Library in this comparison.

Zeit's entire Elite Rankings
Evaluation of the University of Konstanz


The University Charts in 1999: 566 subject areas were compared in the student prospectus by CHE, Stern magazine and start.




Spiegel magazine University Study 1999

German Studies
British Studies


Soure: Warentest Foundation's 1998 student prospectus for chemistry and economics

Chemistry was ranked 5th (by professors) and ranked 1st (by students)
Economics was ranked 1st (by professors) and ranked 2nd (by students)