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Work spaces in the Book Areas.

There are 1,106 places available for reading and working in the Library.

Book Area G 234Book Area S241Book Area J288
G 239S 231J 2-Rooms28
G 2 "Randzone"22S 3a59J 3a4
G3a11S 3a-Rooms21J 3a-Rooms28
H 30117S 3b32J 3b25
G 3 Semester Reserve34S 423J 3b-Rooms28
G 322S 5a26J 425
G 3b16S 59J 4-Rooms28
G 539S 5-Group Rooms7J 5a25
G 6a3S 6a22J 5a-Rooms28
G 625S 611J 6a41
G 6b6  J 6a-Rooms28
Halls between G / S176Info-Centre59Book Area N108
Hall 262Info-Centre41N 4a4
Hall 315Info-Lower Level4N 521
Hall 514Reading Room14N 5a18
Hall 685

N 6-Rooms13

N 6 (Physics)5

N 6a22

N 725


Letzte Aktualisierung: 09.07.2013

Additionally, there are also 190 work places equipped with PCs.