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Special and Rare Collections

Rare Book Collections

The Library owns some rare and valuable books. You can request them at the Information Desk and view them in one of the reading room J 5.

European Document Centre

The European Document Centre (EDZ) contains publications by the European Union marked by the notation "edz". Location: S 4.

Newspaper Reading Corner

Major German and foreign language daily and weekly newspapers are available to you in the newspaper reading corner located in the Information Centre.

Wall Maps

There is a collection of wall maps available in the Information Centre. These can be borrowed for use in classes.

Classic texts of Chinese literature in over 50 modern Chinese original editions.

A specialized collection of literature on the linguistics and texts of the Native North Americans.

In addition to books the Library also has a small archaeological museum located in the display cabinets near the steps in the G-Area from G2 to G 6a.

Municipal Wessenberg-Library

The city of Konstanz donated the library of Ignaz Heinrich von Wessenberglibrary, the former Konstanz Administrator of the Old Catholic Diocese, to the university Library. If you would like to read those books you can do so in our reading room.

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