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Teaching Library

We offer tours, courses, and seminars to help you develop your competence in seeking information. A comprehensive E-Learning-Tool is at your service. Visit the virtual tour to get an overview of the library.

Account Information

A password protected library account contains information about your borrowed items, current interlibrary loan items, materials ready to be picked up, requested material, and unpaid fines and fees. You can also change your address or password on-line or freeze your account if you've lost your library card.

Document Delivery

The document delivery service subito as well as interlibrary loans offer you the possibility to obtain literature that we do not have in our library (books and articles) from another library. Additionally, researchers of the University of Konstanz can obtain journal articles that we do not have in our library via pay per view.
Via KonDoc, University of Konstanz staff can order articles or partial copies from books that we have in our library directly from the local catalogue and receive them electronically as a pdf via e-mail.

Materials Request

If you would like to suggest a work that the Library should acquire and which has not been previously attainable, please make your request though the subject area associated with the material you desire. In this way, your request will be sent directly to the subject advisor responsible for that area of studies.

You can view a list of new titles in the Library’s holdings by month and by subject. By selecting the line number, you can view a full citation, including title and availability. You can also make reserve the item. (Please choose the appropriate line number to see a full citation of the item or select the appropriate menu for determining an item’s availability or to reserve the material.)

In addition to 24-hour access to ca. two million books and about 1,000 work spaces, the Library also offers students a wide variety of special services.

For all researchers and teachers at the university, the Library offers a broad array of services; for young academics they are especially helpful.

Bibliographic Management

Directions for downloading titles from the local catalog into the bibliographic management programs Bibliographix, Endnote, and BibTeX.


A selection of EDP-handbooks is available to students and employees of the University of Konstanz at cost for personal use.

German language Search Engines

A collection of search engines for Germany, German-speaking Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein.

Information Service

Links are provided to sites where you can search for telephone numbers, zip codes, travel schedules, city maps, housing agencies, ride sharing, and classified ads.

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