Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz

Bibliographic Management

Bibliographic management programs allow you to efficiently organize your research and documents. With them you can make a personal research  database and import references from catalogues, bibliographic databases and the internet, you can also insert quotes in your academic work and easily create bibliographies.

Here is a list of the current training dates to learn about bibliographic management programs. [In German]


The Library offers you a choice of bibliographic management programmes:

  • Citavi [in German]: A program für employees and students of the University of Konstanz which can be used on your personal computer.
  • EndNote: Employees and students of the University of Konstanz can install this program on their personal computers.
  • RefWorks: A web-based program that, as of summer semester 2007, is free for members of the University of Konstanz community.
  • EndNote Web: A web-based program that is available to members of the University of Konstanz community as part of the ISI Web of Knowledge/ Web of Science.

There are a large number of other bibliographic management programs (for instance Bibliographix), in addition to the ones above.

Here is more information about importing data from the University's local catalogue to some of the programmes: