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Since July 2007 the bibliographic management programme Bibliographix has been available free of charge for all members of the University of Konstanz community (students and employees). This offer is half-financed by the Cluster of Excellence 16 "Cultural Foundations of Integration" and half-financed by the Library.

Bibliographix helps you to effortlessly manage your research. It offers easy downloading of data from catalogues and databases. You can also easily site bibliographical information correctly in footnotes, and automatically make a bibliography. You can also use Bibliographix to manage your electronic full texts.  You will no longer have to laboriously search for full texts on your computer.

Saving your literature database on your USB-Stick allows you to conduct research comfortably at home and at the University without scattering your data around. Moreover, you can work with Bibliographix offline on a trip or at home.

Bibliographix is also available on all Library terminals. It is also installed on some computers in the Library that are also equipped with word processing programs (MS Word and OpenOffice Writer).

Installing Bibliographix:

Bibliographix is a desktop programme.  You can download the basic version here.  To install, double click on the .exe-data.  Computers on the campus network will automatically download the full version! If the full version does  not automatically download and you are in the campus network, then go in the menu under >Data>Internet Update.  To use Bibliographix at home you must request a free Biblographix license over this form.  You must use your university email address.  You can register your Bibliographix (and convert to the full version) in the menu under >Data> Register programme (programm registrieren).

Help with Bibliographix:

Library Bibliographix Information Sheet

Bibliographix 6 Handbook

Bibliographix 7 Handbook

University of Konstanz Library Online Tutorials for Bibliographix (Under Construction)

Help exporting the bibliographical data from subject databases and importing them into Bibliographix

For training please contact the above named contact person.


On some computers there is an error message when searching in the local catalogue after installing Bibliographix. A "Just-in-time-debugging" window will open.  You can prevent this pop-up, by going under "Extras" in your web browser, then "Internet Options" and then "More." Then check the line "Deactivate script debugging (Other)" and also the line "Deactivate script debugging (Internet Explorer)."


If you do not wish to or cannot do this, you can also close the "Just-in-time-Debugging" window by simply clicking "no" and continue with your research and the data import as usual.

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