Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz

EndNote and the University's local catalogue

The bibliogrpahic management program EndNote allows you to conduct catalogue research over the Z39.50 interface. You can then import research results into EndNote as "quotes" through the interface. You must configure the Z39.50 Interface in EndNote with a connection-file. The Z39.50 Server for the new library catalogue is now active.

In order to make the configuration of the Z39.50 Interface with EndNote easier, we have established a connection file for you.

Download KNUB.enz

Then you only have to copy the data (KNUB.enz) into the programme folder. 

Normally it will look like this: C:\Programme\Endnote\Connections.

Alternatively you can also establish your own connection-file.  Here are the current connection parameters:

  • Server: ; Port: 9999 (IP address in effect since 23.09.08)
  • Data base: KON
  • We recommend Latin-1 as the text code


The next time you start EndNote you can activate the catalogue KNUB over the menu: File/ Connection Files/ Open Connection Manager just by selecting it in the list. This requires an active internet connection on your computer (for instance T-Online, Call by Call or a dial-up connection).

Tip: All titles will be shown with their call number. Next to the call numbers you will find the status information: in stock or on loan

Attention: Books on the semester reserve or in hand reserve will be shown as available (in stock).

Endnote should not be used as a replacement for catalogue research via the world wide web!

Presently there are still problems with searching by year published.  This problem is still being worked on.