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The Library has had a campus-wide licence with EndNote since January 2009, allowing students and employees of the University of Konstanz to install EndNote on their personal computers.

This comprehensive bibliographic management program allows you to easily collect, organize and integrate literature into a text and build a bibliography. Thus making EndNote useful for both students, who are writing a lengthy thesis or final paper, as well as for academics, who want to organize bibliographical data in their research. But the program can also be used by anyone who wants to compile an electronic "box of notes" and needs a place to keep the structured and bundled information. 


Basic information

Authorized persons: students and employees of the University of Konstanz

Operating systems: Windows, Macintosh

Language: english

Version: single-position system- desktop version. Combinable with EndNoteWeb

Maximal size of the database: unlimited

Cite while you write: compiling is not necessary


Further informationen

Tutorials on Youtube (videos on various EndNote-applications)


Download and installation of the program

Please authenticate your eligibility for use with your matriculation or employee number and your library password. The university's present EndNote licence runs out on January 31, 2017; by downloading the program you are agreeing to uninstall the software by this time.

Download the program here (for Mac and Windows).

With the given installation files you can install EndNote on your computer. Follow the instructions on the setup menu.


Installation of filter and connection-files

To import data from our local catalogue of the University of Konstanz into the bibliographic management program EndNote you have to install the KonstanzImport-filter:

Download KonstanzImport.enf

Store the import-filter in EndNote's program folder in the "Filters" folder. The next time you start EndNote the import filter for our local catalogue will be in the list of all available import filters.

In order to be able to use the direct import, you must first configure a connection file. You can download it here:

Download KNUB.enz

Copy the data KNUB.enz into the program folder (C:\Programme\Endnote\Connections).

Alternatively you can also establish your own connection-file.
The connection parameters are:

          * Server: ; Port: 9999 (neue IP-Adresse seit dem 23.09.08)

          * Datenbank: KON

          * We recommend Latin-1 as the text code

You can download more filters here:


OpenURL-Path to Import fulltexts

For optimal use of this feature please choose Edit - Preferences - Find Full Text and enter the following OpenURL Path: 


Installation of citation styles

About 500 EndNote output styles are provided with the installation of EndNote. However, EndNote offers more than 6000 bibliographic styles. You can download all styes or a particular style via


Using OpenOffice together with EndNote (»Cite while you write«-Feature)

OpenOffice ships with an EndNote plugin. However, if you installed EndNote after OpenOffice or if you upgraded an existing EndNote version, the plugin won't show up in OpenOffice. To solve this problem, you have two options:

1. Close OpenOffice and EndNote. Open "Programs and Features" in Windows and go to "Add and Remove Programs". Click on EndNote and then activate "Repair" from the menu. After that, restart OpenOffice.

2. Uninstall both OpenOffice and EndNote and reinstall them by first installing EndNote and afterwards OpenOffice.


Using LibreOffice together with EndNote (»Cite while you write«-Feature)

You can use the OpenOffice Endnote-plugin in LibreOffice! Download the plugin from here, and save the plugin on your computer at a place where you can easily retrieve it. Start LibreOffice, go to "Extras" and then to the "Extension Manager". Click on "Add" and navigate to the place where you have saved the plugin. Click on the plugin and on "Open" to adopt the plugin for LibreOffice. Close the Extension Manager, close LibreOffice and restart the programme. After the restart the plugin will be shown in the upper menu of LibreOffice as "EndNote X7".


Import text data from our local catalogue into EndNote

To import bibliographic reference you have to cache as text data.
In our local catalogue mark every title that you would like to import into EndNote. Next click the button "Download Selection" (Auswahl herunterladen) underneath the list and then choose "Bibliographic Format" (Bibliographisches Format). You should then save the list of titles as text data on your computer's hard disk.

Now open EndNote. In the Menu under File/Import you can select the import option and then choose the previously saved data.

Choose the text data and the filter KonstanzImport.enf and load the data into EndNote.

Letzte Aktualisierung: 14.01.2016

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