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Document Delivery

If the University of Konstanz Library does not have the materials you need (books or articles), they can be ordered from another library. As a general rule, each individual media item must be ordered separately.

There are two different types of delivery services:

  1. With the direct delivery service "subito" copies of articles and books can be ordered in various forms and delivered directly to your address.
    Delivery time: 72 hours. Rush order: 24 Hours
    Cost: starts at 5 Euros
  2. With "Fernleihe" (Interlibrary Loan) we can obtain the book you need or a copy of a journal article from an outside library and will make it available to you.
    Delivery Time: approx. 2 weeks
    Cost: ordering fee 1.50 Euros
    Starting 15.5.2009 University of Konstanz students will only be charged 0,50 Euro for interlibrary loan orders.  The 1,00 Euro difference will be covered by student tuition fees.

Pay per view

Researchers of the University of Konstanz can also obtain articles via the document delivery service FIZ AutoDoc as downloads (pay per view). The library settles the bill.

Purchase Suggestions

If you feel that a work, which you have particular need for, should be in the permanent collection of the University of Konstanz Library then, instead of an interlibrary loan request, you can also make a purchase request with the appropriate library subject advisor: request form (German only).



University Internal Document Delivery

  1. KonDoc
    Faculty and staff of the University of Konstanz can order journal articles and partial copies of books from the University of Konsanz Library collection through the local catalogue and have them sent to their e-mail addresses as pdf-documents.

  2. Due to physical distance, the members of the Cultural Studies Institute at the Bishop's Mansion at Seerhein can order books and other material from the University of Konstanz Library and have it delivered to their workplace.
    Instructions for internal document delivery (in German).
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Tip: Please check to see if the desired journal is available electronically (Electronic Journal Library EZB).