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Document Delivery Through Interlibrary Loan

You can procure literature (books or article copies) from an out-of-town library through interlibrary loan "Fernleihe", so long as no Constance library (Sigel "352" oder "Kon...") is shown as already having the material.

  • Order after researching over the interlibrary Loan portal ("Fernleihportal")

If you have found the desired title, order with the button "Per Fernleihe bestellen" ("order via Fernleihe") the bibliographic data will automatically be filled in to the order form.  You only have to enter your identification number, password, cancellation date etc.

For each order your account will, in accordance with the University of Konstanz Library fee rules, be charged 1,50 Euro.

Students at the University of Konstanz will only be charged 0,50 Euro instead of 1,50 Euro for interlibrary loan orders.  The difference will be financed by tuition fees.

Orders made in a work related capacity from user group 03/... will be charged to the appropriate department.

Extra costs (for instance, extra postage, interlibrary loan from abroad, etc.) must always be paid by the user in accordance with the inter-library loan code [pdf in German only].


Letzte Aktualisierung: 26.11.2013