Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz


Researchers of the University of Konstanz can obtain articles via the document delivery service FIZ AutoDoc as downloads. The library settles the bill.

There are two ways of ordering via pay per view:

  1. After finding the required article in a database, you click the button . If we do not have this article in our library, or the University of Konstanz has not licensed the source, you can order via pay per view. A check will be run with the document delivery service FIZ AutoDoc to see whether your article is available.
  2. If you know the DOI of the article, you can directly insert it in the field below and place your order.

If the article is available, you have to authenticate and confirm your order, indicating your department. Subsequently you can immediately download your document via a link. Should you have any problems when trying to access electronic documents, please contact the library's information service (information.ub(at) or the document delivery service (dokumentlieferung.ub(at) If ordering via pay per view as described above does not work, the library's document delivery service offers the option of using a university credit card in particularly urgent cases.