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alg Cultural- and Intellectual History lbs Textbook collection
ame American Studies lit General Literary Studies
ant Antiquity mat Mathematics
arc Archaeology mus Music
atp Anthropology ndl Dutch
bch Biochemistry ngr Modern Greek
bio Biology ori Oriental Studies
bub Library Studies pha Philosophy
che Chemistry phy Physics
deu German Literature pol Political Studies
edz European Documentation Center psy Psychology
eng English Language and Literature rom Romance Languages and Literature
erd Geography rum Romanian
erz Pedagogy sci General Natural Sciences
frp Old Occitan ska Scandinavian
frz French sla Slavonic Studies
fsa Foreign Language Learning soz Sociology
ger German Language spa Spanish Language and Literature
gri Ancient Greek Studies spk Catalan
gsa History spp Portuguese Language and Literature
gsx History 1917-2000 spr General Linguistics
gta History from 2000 ssl Other Languages/Literature
gym Sport Science sta Statistics
inf Reference Books stq Statistical Source Material
ita Italian Language and Literature tec Technology
jua Law tff Theatre - Film - Television
kid Computer Science tha Theology
kun Fine Arts vok Folklore
lat Latin wra Economics
Formal Groups:
D Dissertations R Rare Books
K Maps W Wall Maps