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Teaching Library

Library Tours and Courses

The library regularly offers general and subject specific tours and classes, such as introductions to the catalogues and databases. This includes multiple semester courses on information literacy, introductions to bibliographic management programs, strategic searching on the internet, as well as training in conducting catalgoue and database searches. The current program can be found in the course catalogue.

Electronic Subject Information

For almost all subjects areas you will find electronic subject information pages. These sites explain how to use the library to research in your discipline. Electronic journals and other services are also covered.


A large number of useful on-line tutorials can be found in our E-Learning Platform ILIAS. For example, there are modules on efficient searches, rules of citing books and journals, or literature management. Further tutorials and brief introductions can be found directly within individual databases located on DBIS.

Virtual Tours

You can take a virtual tour of the library on your PC. This tour allows you to become familiar with the most important areas of the library with the assistance of pictures and explanatory text.

Information literacy

Since 2003 the library has been engaged in several research projects in the field of information literacy. For further information please visit the project website.

Programmes for high school students

The University of Konstanz Library offers high school students in grades 12 and 13 a training programme with different modules.


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Library Tours

1st Wednesday of every month at 5:15 PM (17:15)

Meet at the University main entrance on A5 (near the bus stop).